What is Wireless Mirroring?

Do you remember when your parents gave you a set of walkie talkies when you were young? How impressive that set of walkie talkies looked inside the box, once you unwrapped it! What fun you had passing one on to your neighbor and running around, pressing on the "talk" button and communicating in curt, serious tones. It's all short-range, point-to-point communication, just like modern days.

So is nfc short range, one-to-one communication. So is RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification short range, one-to-one communication. So are wireless microphones short range, one-to-one communication. Short range, one-to-one communication has a new, neat application for the iPhone:
Wireless Mirroring
Wireless Mirroring From iPhone to TV
- by Olion Technology

Check out this video. It is the first sample of wireless mirroring I have seen.

There are several systems offering banking services via mobile phone.